Jahangir AlamHello everyone, my name is Jahangir Alam and my friends call me Jay. So feel free to call me Jay as well. Welcome to my site where you will get every help and support if your are into Internet Marketing & Offline Business Owners. I have been doing online business and web development for many years and now looking to offer my professional knowledge and services with other business owners. All your online marketing, business system(s) requirements and solutions can be found here, simply contact me.

To begin with, I will introduce my background and then talk about me and my business knowledge. I have completed my Masters degree in Advanced Internet & Database Systems with Distinction and Honours degree in Computer Science with a First Class First topping my group from London South Bank University.  My experience & expertise of business, marketing, coaching and knowledge are an important keys to my online and offline successful businesses.

As I mentioned earlier I am not a Guru but  rather a normal person who loves to browse the internet and believe that money can be made from internet provided you have the right attitude, right mind-set and the right tools with right surroundings. There is always a saying “Like Minds Think Alike”, this is so true because all the top websites and online businesses had to start from scratch and build their way up with the help of a professional business analyst.

I have been married since 2006 to a sweet, beautiful and very understanding women, who is a big influence to my successful online and offline businesses. During my journey into Online Marketing and Web Development, I had a touch time balancing between my business and my social life. Even though my wife was very co-operative, I felt that I am not spending enough time with her or my family and always busy with my online businesses. But deep down I knew that I am doing for a better reason and a better life. If you place yourself in my shoes, I can exactly feel what you are going through now, but there is a good news for yourself later.

Remember, if you do not take or make any changes, then do not expect for a change in your later future life or business as things will be just the way you will get it without any change or surprises. Whereas, on the other hand, if you do make or take a change then you are guaranteed to make or get a change in your future life. Please read this last paragraph atleast 5 times and analyse what I am trying to show or bring to you.

I have made my plans for the coming years, I want to make atleast $100,000 from my online and offline businesses. I may not be able to achieve it but I will give my 100% effort to get as close to the figure. So, in-order to achieve the above figure I have to stick to my plans that I have made and take this very serious and work on task by tasks until completion. So keep checking back to my blog for my latest updates.

Good luck with every change you make and any decisions that you do and also with any kind of business or businesses you are currently involved in. If you need any help just ask.


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